Tier 1 Fencing fixing your fence
Repairs, maintenance and insurance jobs

Frequent repair and maintenance of rural, lifestyle and residential
fencing is your most cost effective solution over the long term.

At Tier 1 Fencing we enjoy the challenges of problem solving whether it be
chasing short circuits on your farm or repairing a boundary fence that is in dire need of
attention to keep your neighbours stock out.

We do it all and have the tools and expertise to eliminate those
shorts and repair your fence back to a functional stock proof state.

We can also work with insurance companies and provide quotes
to them if a vehicle has gone through your fence or a tree has come down on it.


We can help with frequent repair and maintenance of all rural, lifestyle and residential fencing.


Have an insurance repair job?
We can work with your insurance company, dealing with them directly and can provide quotes if needed for all your fencing repairs.